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Kingston Hospital Charity - Maternity Fund

Going the extra mile for our Maternity services

Gabrielle Bambridge (Consultant Obstetrician) and Helen Green (Midwife) ran Paris and London marathons in April to raise funds for our Maternity Services.

Gabrielle Bambridge April 9th, 2017 - PARIS MARATHON
Consultant Obstetrician Raising fund to improve the experience of women birthing in the delivery suite

I specialise in high risk obstetrics in particular women with diabetes, but also have a keen interested in hypertension/inflammatory bowel disease/twins/those who have had a previous caesarean etc etc.

These women quite often need medical intervention in labour, monitoring and frequent medical reviews. This is not their fault, but a simple fact. Sadly when you look at obstetric led units many look like a hospitals - Bright lights, antiseptic smelling, equipment all over the place and a rather firm uncomfortable chair for the birth partner & don't get me started on the beds and stirrups!

So what difference does this make?

When you're pregnant you change. Your life becomes more about protecting the wee person inside of you over anything and everything. It's hardly surprising that those who develop risk factors can become highly anxious and scared. The environment we put them in currently does not help this. It certainly doesn't scream "relax" it screams "you're so high risk look at this room this is how worried we are about you". Your stress hormone inhibits the hormone that causes contractions and a cascade of events is set in motion with increasing intervention....

Thus I propose, and there is plenty of evidence to support this, women labour better in an environment that is conducive to birth. Women want to be comfortable, they want privacy, to be able to control lighting, temperature, have their partner with them also comfortable and able to support them (rather than contorted in an NHS plastic chair).

So.... I am raising money for Kingston maternity unit to improve the birth environment for those that have to deliver on labour ward.

Improving maternal experience, promoting normality and improving outcomes for mother, baby and the entire family.

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Twitter @gabbybambi. #matexp #roomwithaview


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Helen Green April 23d, 2017 - LONDON MARATHON
Midwife Raising funds for a bereavement counsellor

I have been lucky enough to get a place through a charity that is close to my heart! Not only is it my very own hospital but raising funds for a bereavement counsellor for my own Maternity department.

Nobody wants to think about the sad times that happen within a maternity unit but unfortunately it happens all to often. We are lucky to have had a new bereavement suite added onto our department in November 2015 providing a safe, secure, comforting area away from the normal hustle and bustle of maternity which can be all to distressing for families at this time.

So what are we missing? We are missing a dedicated bereavement counsellor to work along side families during and after their loss.

Kingston Maternity want to offer ongoing support to families who have suffered a loss and have someone specifically dedicated to them to help talk through what has happened. But as always these things come at a cost! so any funds I raise whilst training to run 26.2 miles around the city will go towards providing this for our women and their families.

I would appreciate any donations you can give to help achieve this :)

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We care for women and their families across South West London area. We aim to make every birth special and ensure that hopes and expectations are met in this special experience. Our philosophy of care is to put women at the centre of our service and fundraising will enable us to invest in this.


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