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Our uniforms

All staff will introduce themselves to you when they meet you in clinic, in hospital or when they visit you at home. Their name and role should be clearly displayed on their identification badge. Maternity staff employed by Kingston Hospital are provided with a uniform to help you identify the role they have.

Clinical Midwifery Manager - wear red tunic/dress and black trousers.

Team Leaders/Midwife in Charge - wear navy blue tunic/dress with white trim and black trousers. 

Midwives – all other midwives wear a pink tunic top with black trousers.

Sonographers - wear maroon tunic tops and maroon trousers

Maternity Support Workers and Maternity Assistants – their tunic tops are pale blue, worn with black trousers.

Examination of the Newborm - wear navy blue tunic/dress and black trousers.


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