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Dads-to-be and Birthing Partners

Some useful tips from experts...

Becky, Midwife in Triage

  • Take time to work out your TENS machine before the big day.
  • If you haven't packed your bag together take time to discuss where everything is.
  • Always encourage your partner to eat and drink.
  • If you are the one phoning Triage, you will be asked quite a few questions.
    Don't be surprised if we ask to speak to the mum-to-be. It makes it eaier for us to assess the situation and make an appropriate plan. 
  • Pack your notes before you leave.


Kim, Receptionist:

  • Once you have parked your car, you don't have to pay at the meter. Just provide us your registration details and you will be able to purchase a 6 hours parking permit. If you stay onsite for more than 3 hours, the permit works out cheaper than paying at the meter. Good to know: parking is free between 20.00 and 08.00.
  • If you happen to have parked in the zebra zone in front of the main entrance, you will be asked to move your vehicule immediatly
  • For confidentiality reasons, visitors will be asked to wait in the downstairs area as the area upstairs
  • To avoid disappointement please read our visiting policy here


Jamie, Dad:

  • The Dad-to-be course is great: what to anticipate in pregnancy and labour, tips on how to ease the first days back at home, etc... You go home packed with useful information and ready for the big day!
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