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You and Your Baby

Going home with your newborn baby
Going home with your newborn baby If all has gone well with the birth, you may be able to return home with your baby within a few hours of the birth. Click here to find out more
Postnatal wards
Postnatal wards There are three Postnatal Wards in the Maternity Unit: Thameside, Worcester and a Transitional Care area. We are sensitive to your needs and our postnatal facilities cater for a range of requirements, whether you have a straight-forward birth or if you require more support after your baby is born. Find out more information here
Neonatal Unit
Neonatal Unit Everyone hopes their pregnancy will be go smoothly and their baby will be born at term and be healthy. Our Neonatal Unit (NNU) is specially designed and equipped to care for sick and premature babies if things don’t go to plan.
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