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Going to the toilet

At first, the thought of passing urine can be frightening because of the soreness and because you can’t feel what you're doing. Drinking lots of water will help make it more comfortable. If you find it difficult to empty your bladder, tell your midwife.

You probably won’t need to open your bowels for a few days after the birth, but it’s important not to become constipated. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, fibre and drink plenty of water.

Whatever it may feel like, it’s very unlikely that you'll break the stitches or open up the cut or tear again. It might help if you hold a pad of clean tissue over the stitches during a bowel movement. Do not strain to have a bowel movement.

Piles (haemorrhoids) are very common after delivery but they usually disappear within a few days. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereals, and drink plenty of water. This should make bowel movements easier and less painful. Don't push or strain because this will make the piles worse. Let the midwife know if you feel very uncomfortable and they will be able to give you an ointment to soothe the piles.








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