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Specialist Clinics

A specialist clinic that is designed for women who have had a baby born by caesarean section previously. You will be asked to make an appointment with the Birthing Options Team after your second scan.
This session will provide you with an opportunity to meet with specially trained midwives in the team, to discuss your previous birth experience, your individual wishes and options, and provide you with support in making decision regarding your birth.
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Women who develop high blood pressure or have a pre-existing blood pressure issues will be referred to this specialist clinic.

Women with pre existing and newly diagnosed issues with their thyroid, blood sugar levels (diabetes) or any other metabolic problem will be referred in pregnancy to a team of specialists; consultant obstetrician, endocrinologist, midwife, diabetic nurse and dietitian to support you through their pregnancy.
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A clinic led by dietitians at Kingston Hospital for healthy eating and weight management advice during your pregnancy.
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This clinic is for you, if your baby is found to be lying with its bottom first or feet first in your womb instead of in the usual head first position from 35 weeks of pregnancy.
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If acute concerns regarding your baby are detected, then the Fetal Medicine team will perform relevant tests and provide you with evidence-based further information.

For women who are at increased risk of early spontaneous birth (between 24 and 34 weeks of pregnancy) or second trimester miscarriage (between 14 and 23 weeks of pregnancy).
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