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Active Birth Workshop


Mat Wellbeing Ctre 76x 102

This interactive workshop for couples is taught by Rhian Roberts, a Midwife and Yoga Teacher with over 30 years of experience.

She understands that a ‘felt’ sense of ‘body mind’ is essential in making the link between labour sensation and our perception of it.

 This is a highly valuable and affordable workshop for couples. Specifically designed for women from 28 weeks onwards to attend with their birthing partner.

Venue: Maternity Wellbeing Room, Kingston Hospital

Cost: £80 per couple. At present one or two Sundays a month 9.30am to 4.30pm

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All Enquiries:  Licia Catinelli, Wellbeing Practitioner, Centre Manager 020 8934 3031
e-mail lcatinelli@nhs.net 
You can also contact Rhian Roberts for specific questions about this workshop on rhian.roberts1@nhs.net 


Testimonials from participants

" Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Rhian, the course was empowering, thought provoking and incredibly useful. My husband and I were lucky to have a water birth with little intervention and I believe this course had a positive impact on our birth. I vividly remember chanting in my mind ‘The surges are your baby coming to see you’, switching my perspective from a scary, negative, painful one to a positive, empowering, relaxed one was not as easy as you think it could be and the tips and tools Rhian gave us were essential to making this happen. I now have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy and am thankful for all the support Kingston Hospital gave my husband and I on our first birth, we are all healthy and happy and ultimately that is what matters. "


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